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Be a Hero for HeartKids
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Be a Hero for HeartKids

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our impactful campaign, “Be a Hero for HeartKids,” starting May 1st through June 30th, 2024.
At Heart Financial, we’re committed to making a difference, not just in the lives of our clients but also in our community. This initiative is close to our hearts, we invite you to join with us for this noble cause. Be part of the Heart family and help raise $25,000 by end of June for HeartKids, each and every loan helps!

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Why be a <span>Hero for HeartKids?</span>
We Care - will you help?

Why be a Hero for HeartKids?

HeartKids plays a crucial role in providing resources and support to children suffering from childhood-onset heart disease. These brave young souls face daunting daily challenges. Through our campaign, we recognise and wish to support heroes like Helen, whose compassion and assistance are vital in supporting these families during their toughest times. Helen’s work offers more than just care; it brings a sense of hope and relief to these brave families. Read more about Helen’s Impact.

Your generosity ensures that heart kids and their families receive ongoing vital support during their most vulnerable times. It helps fund community support programs, offers reliable information to guide these families throughout their lifelong journey, and advocates for their needs.

HeartKids’ support is a lifelong commitment, as there is no cure for these conditions.

Read some of their personal stories below. Are you ready to help?

No Cost, Big Impact
Making this heart ride <span>less lonely</span>
HeartKidst: Connecting Families, Easing the Journey

Making this heart ride less lonely

Lucas is an adventurous, inquisitive, happy little boy. His parents first discovered their son had childhood-onset heart disease during a prenatal growth scan at 32 weeks. The initial diagnosis caused a lot of stress and anxiety for the family, as they navigated caring for their other 6-year-old son while organising hospital visits and dealing with so much change. Thankfully, HeartKids were there to support and link them up with local heart families who are on a similar journey to them, and “who make this heart ride feel less lonely,” says mum Lauren.

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Celebrating <span>every precious moment</span> with Pippa
From Heart Challenge to Heart Change:

Celebrating every precious moment with Pippa

When Pip was born, she had four precious weeks at home. Thankfully for an eye infection at 4 weeks old, they discovered that she had a heart murmur, and was in heart failure. Within 2 days, she was admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital. Her condition progressively worsened, and she had open-heart surgery within 2 weeks of being admitted. Thankfully, almost two years later, Pippa is thriving. She has changed her family’s whole perspective on life. Appreciate the little things!

How can we help you to help HeartKids?
 <span>A community</span>
HeartKids has provided comfort in times as a reminder that we're not alone.

A community

Grace was diagnosed in utero, and as soon as she was born she underwent an ECG and commenced on a betablocker, being monitored in NICU under Melbourne Heart Care. In addition to the devastating diagnosis, travelling to and from the hospital and covering medications was extremely stressful for the family. But Grace is resilient despite all that she’s endured, and is strong even when she’s afraid. She loves being outdoors and gardening (even though she hates vegetables). “HeartKids has provided comfort in times as a reminder that we’re not alone. A community.”- Julie, Grace’s mum

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<span>A scar</span> down the <span>middle of your chest</span>
Growing up I thought it was completely normal to walk around with

A scar down the middle of your chest

My name is Eve and I am 24 years old from Melbourne. I was born needing an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) and VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) repair and have a leaking mitral and tricuspid valve. I had the holes repaired when I was 2, followed by 3 more surgeries to fix the wires and cyst in the area.

Growing up I thought it was completely normal to walk around with a scar down the middle of your chest. Once I found out that not all kids have one, I wore it like a badge of honour showing everyone I could. I think growing up with a heart condition automatically puts you in a club of super strong, impressive individuals of all ages and I’m so lucky to be a part of the group.

I now work full time at Mainfreight in supply chain, play ice hockey, karate, ski, and run. In my spare time you’ll find me on the beach or in the snow. I have completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and just graduated from my Masters of Supply Chain Management at the same uni.

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<span>Courage </span>and <span>Community</span>
HeartStrong: Playing to the Beat of

Courage and Community

I was diagnosed at birth with CoHD. I had coarctation of the aorta, bicuspid aortic valve, subaortic membrane and PDA. I now also have a dilated ascending aorta. I had heart surgery when I was a baby in RCH Melbourne, and still require regular check-ups, but I am able to play cricket, work, and play guitar. It took me a while to figure out my limits, this included quite a few ambulance rides! Throughout my journey I have been supported by HeartKids and have been lucky enough to meet people just like me and attend Teen Camps where I met lifelong friends. I am now navigating my transition into adult care which is a little daunting. I enjoy giving back to the charity that has provided so much to me and my family; raising awareness for CoHD and HeartKids, including fundraising. I’m also a proud member of the Youth Advisory Committee for HeartKids Vic Tas.

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How can you make a difference?

For every loan application we receive during this period, Heart Financial will contribute $250* to HeartKids to support our heroes, such as Helen, in allowing them to continue their invaluable work with the families of HeartKids. Whether you’re refinancing, purchasing a home, or investing, not only will you benefit from our expert advice, but you’ll also be part of a cause that changes lives.

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With the cost of living rising, managing expenses can be challenging for many of us. Let Heart Financial assist by making a donation on your behalf while helping you save on your home loan. This way, you can contribute to a noble cause without feeling the pinch, as we help streamline your finances for better relief and resilience.

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The first 30 clients to book an appointment will receive an exclusive Heart Financial Frank Green drink bottle as a token of our appreciation. Act quickly to secure yours!

Your Impact

Refinance Your Home: Lower your mortgage payments while supporting HeartKids.
Buy a Home or Investment Property: Invest in your future and make a meaningful difference in the lives of these young warriors.
Goal: We aim to raise $25,000 by June end. Contact us today. Every application counts!

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Spread the Word: Help us reach more people by sharing this campaign with friends and family.
Social Engagement: Share your involvement using #HeartFinancialCares to inspire others.

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Let’s achieve your finance and property goals, together.

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