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Commitment to Community through B1G1

Each referral helps us contribute to support these families, ensuring they stay united and resilient
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Each referral helps us contribute to support these families, ensuring they stay united and resilient

At Heart Financial, we believe in paying it forward to support our broader communities in need. For this quarter, we are excited to announce our partnership with B1G1, focusing on a heartwarming initiative: helping families in Cambodia stay together.

Why Cambodia?
In Cambodia, many families face severe financial hardships, often leading to heart-wrenching decisions. Due to poverty, parents may feel forced to place their children in orphanages, believing it to be their only option. Shockingly, 77% of children in these orphanages have living parents. We firmly believe every child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing family environment.

A Brighter Future for Families
B1G1 Progam

A Brighter Future for Families

The B1G1 program is dedicated to preserving vulnerable families by enabling self-sustaining income generation activities. The program’s multifaceted approach ensures holistic support for the families at risk. Here’s how the initiative works:

1. Income Generation Activities

B1G1 supports families in engaging in self-determining activities such as:
Raising Livestock: Families are provided resources and training to rear animals, which can be sold for income or used for sustenance.
Growing Vegetables: By cultivating their own vegetables, families not only recure food but also generate additional income through sales.
Repairing Motorscycles: Offering skill development in motorcycle repair, enabling families to establish small businesses and boost their financial stability.

2. Scholarships

Education is a critical aspect of breaking the cycle of poverty. This project provides scholarships to children, ensuring they have access to education and opening up opportunities for a promising future.

3. Emergency Medical Care

Health emergencies are unpredictable and often devastating for improverished families. The program allocates funds for emergency medical care, providing a safety net for families to maintain their health and well-being without financial ruin.

A Shared Vision
Help Create

A Shared Vision

At Heart Financial, we stand by the core belief that strong families are the cornerstone of thriving communities. By partnering with B1G1, we are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of Cambodian families, empowering them towards a more secure and hopeful future.

Who is B1G1?
Their Story

Who is B1G1?

Many business owners want to do good and make a difference. Sadly though, until now, it’s never been easy for them to know exactly how they can do that in an inspiring, meaningful and measurable way.

B1G1 changes that – dramatically. We help thousands of businesses around the world create tangible, real impacts in our world every single day while building and growing their extraordinary businesses. And your business can choose to become a Business for Good as well. It means we don’t need to just imagine a better world; together we can create one.

Find out more about B1G1
Can You Help?
Be Part of a Change for Good

Can You Help?

Heart Financial will contribute to the B1G1 impacts for each family or friend that you, our valued client, refer. Your referrals will not only help your loved ones with a positive financial journey, but will directly translate to meaningful support for families in Cambodia, ensuring they stay untied and resilient.

Your support makes all the difference. Whether you are a client, partner, or simply someone who believes in the power of community, you can contribute to this cause.
Join us in making a difference!

Stay connected with Heart Financial to see the ongoing impact of our support to families in Cambodia and learn how you can get involved.
At Heart Financial, we always have your best financial interests at heart. Let’s extend that heart to the communities in need, making the world a better place, one family at a time.

Let’s achieve your finance and property goals, <span>together.</span>

Let’s achieve your finance and property goals, together.

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