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Introducing our Heart Rate Advantage Program

Heart Rate Advantage
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Heart Rate Advantage

Think of us as your financial watchdog, always alert. We continuously monitor your loan’s interest rate, comparing it to market rates. If we sniff out a better deal, we pounce—negotiating with your lender to secure those savings. If the new rate hits the mark, we lock it in and notify you of the extra cash in your pocket. If not, we’ll let you know and map out the best strategy together.

Your loan should never gather dust. With Heart Rate Advantage, we ensure it’s always optimized, saving you money at every turn.

At Heart Financial, we understand that managing a loan shouldn’t be a “set and forget” process. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Heart Rate Advantage program—a proactive approach to ensuring your loan remains competitive and beneficial for you.

How does it work

We will Never Set and Forget

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Expert Market Monitoring

Expert Market Monitoring

We stay updated on market conditions by actively writing new loans and repricing existing ones. This gives us a clear view of current optimal loan rates.

In-depth Portfolio Analysis

In-depth Portfolio Analysis

We leverage our market knowledge to identify loans in our portfolio that fall outside the optimal rate range, pinpointing opportunities for savings.

Proactive Rate Negotiation

Proactive Rate Negotiation

We negotiate with your lender to secure the best possible rate for you. Our goal is to ensure you always benefit from competitive rates, maximizing your savings.

Unlocking INstant Savings with your New Rate

Unlocking INstant Savings with your New Rate

If the new rate we negotiate benefits you, we apply it directly to your loan and notify you immediately of the new rate and savings. This ensures you always get the best possible deal without any delays.

Financial Savings

Every percentage saved on your interest rate results in more money back in your pocket.

Stress-Free Management

Let us handle the legwork while you focus on enjoying your home or investment property

Peace of Mind

Know that your loan is continuously optimized to reflect the best possible rates and terms

Personalised Service

If a better rate isn’t available, we’ll personally discuss other potential solutions to optimize your loan.

Our Commitment

Is more than just a service—it’s a commitment to your financial well-being. We strive to ensure your loan is always aligned with the best rates in the market, providing continuous savings and peace of mind.


Owner-Occupied (Principal & Interest) rates are below 6.25%


Saved on Annual Interest June 2024


Saved on Annual Interest last 6 Months


Client Loans Reviewed past 3 Months

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Ready to optimize your loan and start saving?

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